The Senator

Chapter One

The keys were misty.  This time of the year, the air is frequently misty.  There was a lull on the tug.  Everything seems to be frozen in a picturesque frame.  The calm before the perfect storm.  The calm waters shoved the gunman onto the deck.  His arms raised with a clean shot of the small pistol …

Rest Of My Life

I ran into a man who asked me for the empty boxes he said retirement is round the corner in June he will be seventy-five

I smiled and shook his hand in congratulations and may the rest of your life be as exciting as the past.

He gave me a sad look and said his life has been as empty as this box except for pathogens he explored and he wished me a better life.

And I bowed my head in grace and informed him my retirement was round the corner too and I am right behind him at forty-five – no doubt.