literary works by tania hossain

My name is Tania Hossain.  I am a penman, poet, photographer and philanthropist. This is my literary blog.  I am humbled to share some of my writing and photography work with you and that you would take the time to read this blog. I have been writing since the early 1980s and have enjoyed a rich oral tradition of reciting and reading from my works.  Since 2010, I have been working on moving into the print and alternative media.  This blog is my effort to that end.

My poems are mostly written on social justice issues such as domestic abuse, warfare, gender equality, freedom of speech and the likes.  My plays pivots around social interactions and human dynamics such as one of defining friendship, coping with death by cancer, adoption struggles and on such matters.  My novels are erratic from what I consider to be an epic novel to a sold out thriller and pretty much everything in between.  Those works will take a life time to pull of the shelves and surrender them to some sort of a print format.  Welcome and thank you for reading scorpius odyssey ~ it’s all about the journey!

The First Thousand Days – political thriller set in Washington DC and Baghdad
The Great Life – family drama as it unfolds
The Untold Parrallel – story of an immigrant woman who was stolen
The Critters of Hunter Mill Road – children’s story set in the woods of Hunter Mill Road, Oakton
Indiana Mushrooms – a murder mystery that goes offline and into a neighborhood in Indiana
Unwed Wife
Freedom Fighter
Lil & I – story of an unlikely friendship of two polar opposites who develop a mother/daughter symbiotic relationship
The Senator – Suicide death of a Florida Senator covering up for a Cuban Family

Self Expressions – series on domestic violence
Silent Screams – series on suicide
Beltway Americana – series on beltway decisions that affect the rest of the country
Forgotten Appalachia – series on Virginia’s Appalachia

When the Bars Close – a Waffle House getting ready for a graveyard shift rush when the bars close in Key West.
Breakfast with Sheri – a tale of two lives with brain cancer

Beach Ladies Cell Phone Numbers – a story of a group of women who are at various stages of their lives at “chucking it all” – submitted for bids
Perfect Child – action packed thriller based on genetics research – collaborative work

Photo Journalism:
The 2011 Arab Revolution

Experimental Creative Writing
The Proposition – writing about writing in collaboration with creative writer colleague writing alternate lines simultaneously – experimental writing – collaborative work