Father, I am a son of Appalachia just like you

I know that I am not the perfect son that lived

But my promise to you is true as the righteous son

Assuming his place and role that you have defined for me

Just like the fathers of Appalachia have done for their sons

My sons will become doctors to the ailing

As you would have wanted me to have done for those

Ailing in the toxic waters of the harsh mines

Where I was the son who vouched for your brother and

His son of Appalachia when the mine ceilings crushed

I went as man of the house at eighteen to the coroners

The way you would have been proud of me that I live and die

As a decent and honorable son of Appalachia

With dirt under my nails and sweat under my brows

I live for the land as you would have wanted me to

That was topped off for fuel on the backs of those ailing

While you fight for your life and I fight not to break

So far apart, you thought I was the wrong son that wears on me

That could not have lived up to the expectations of the right son

I give you my word that whatever it takes I am becoming the right son

That is bound by the contract on my life for the love of this land

The right son the right son the right son the right son

Father, don’t leave me now that I just got a new pass to be that

Decent and honorable man – a son of Appalachia.