Your face is a fantastical mystery
And your voice enticingly seductive
Carries m away from here
To the land of fantasies.

There seems to be a parallel world
That I long to fuse together
But the run away train keeps running away
Leaving the tracks apart.

All of a sudden the train stops
And my work holds truth in witness
To the long walks on sandy beaches
To the gorgeous sunsetting over yonder.

There seems to be a world of duality
That I don’t want to keep separate anymore
Where the masquerade begins by nightfall
The players leave at sunrise, still masked.

All ver again I am in your world
Of loving words and soft types
As the eagles soar above us in lazy circles
Around the dreams we relentlessly type.

But then with the click of a mouse
My world remains parallel
As my computer is ready to shut down
Your face remains a fantastical mystery.